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Ex-pat healthcare needs abroad

There are a rising number of cases of ex-pats living and working abroad who are forced to return to Britain to receive medical treatment because they don’t have international medical insurance cover and the cost of their healthcare is unsustainable. … Continue reading

Poor care exposed

The Francis Report on Mid Staffordshire Hospital has exposed poor care, the neglect of patients and the victimisation of staff who raised concerns at the hospital. Mid Staffordshire may not be the rule, but it is far from the exception … Continue reading

The rising cost of medical care

FACT – general inflation over the last 20 years has doubled, while medical inflation has quadrupled.

Health facts

Research suggests weight training helps to prevent type 2 diabetes in men. There is no such thing as mild diabetes; all cases are serious, especially if not properly controlled. Crohn’s Disease affects approximately 60,000 people in the UK; that’s about … Continue reading

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