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Join the 1000’s of parents and grandparents already protecting the future health of their children with Private Stem Cell Banking

  • Stem cell therapy is widely accepted as the future of medicine and is part of mainstream practice to treat disease and injury, by replacing damaged cells with healthy cells, or by growing new bone, tissue or organs.
  • Although public stem cell banks exist, the chances of getting a match are low, and the likelihood of rejection is high.
  • Parents and grandparents now have the opportunity to store the cells from a child’s milk tooth, using a non-invasive natural way, which allows for the tooth to fall out naturally before processing begins.
  • As the cells are the donor’s own, there is a 100% match and no chance of rejection.
  • The child’s cells can potentially be stored for their lifetime.
  • The Legal owner of the stem cells is the parent/guardian until the donor reaches age 18.
  • Anyone can pay for the process with the consent of the parent/guardian, for example many grandparents see this as the greatest gift that they can give to their grandchildren.
  • Parents can now access the stem cell banking service for just £5 per month, and can become a member of the plan as soon as the baby is born.

Tooth Cell Banking – possibly the greatest gift that you could give.

Storing stem cells from your child’s milk teeth could one day save their lives.

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